“Try and leave this world a little better than you found it”

B. Powell

Orma is for you.  You, the one who is passionate about travel and sustainable living.

You, the one who wants to create a positive impact on their surrounding.
Orma is here to help you.

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The past few years have been hard for everyone, and have left visible impacts on our society and our planet. The travelling community has been hit hard, making clear that the chance to move around freely should not be taken for granted.

People, things and days move too quickly, that's why we're here: to find a new slow.  Orma is here to help you find new paths around the urban jungle. To reach new destinations as a conscious consumer, taking into full consideration both your needs and those of the of the place that is welcoming you.Orma is here to help you leave your positive footprint.



Orma is a new attitude and a new approach towards travelling and living in our cities.

Travel is not only a source of entertainment, but an opportunity for personal growth, education, and improvement.


We encourage you to leave your comfort zone and take part in the change.

Treat every city as your home and every person you meet as your traveling companion.


We believe that activism is present in everyday decisions, in the words we use and in the actions we take.

We value flexible volunteering, and everyone is included with any help they can offer;  be it consistent, long - term help or just a few hours - every good deed makes a difference.


Regenerate and you will be regenerated.

travel must become a two-way transaction.
The city offer travellers experiences and adventures, you offer the city, time and actions to improve it by helping the community and travelling better.


We are transformative travellers, we believe in travel as a way of giving back to cities.

If you feel the same, join our community to explore and experience this new idea with us because wherever you go you can be a force for good!

Travellers agree they can do more...


Believe sustainable travel options are not enough


Believe we all need to take action now and make sustainable travel choices


Of global travelers think sustainable travel is vital

data source booking.com